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Marilyn Sharpe Ministries, LLC

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equip households

to nurture faith

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Marilyn is available to teach parents, godparents, grandparents, and all those adults who serve as faith parents to keep their baptismal promises, making faith formation a gentle, natural part of daily life together. She can inspire and equip large congregational groups to catch the vision of what God is up to with both congregation and households. She can teach leaders or targeted audiences to make faith practices a part of everyday life. She also has experience as adjunct faculty at colleges and seminaries, teaching face-to-face or online.


Do you want to equip your teachers, mentors, guides, and leaders to nurture faith, while they teach and facilitate Christian education for all God’s children, preschoolers to seniors? Sharpe brings experience with all of the generations ... and cross+generational ministry. Consider doing training several times a year, to build skills, to motivate, to refuel your volunteers. Plan an appreciation event, featuring Marilyn and her powerful way of affirming the gifts and faithfulness of all who serve. You know that this holy enterprise is more than cognitive transmission of the story, helping all learners to find themselves in God’s story and God in their story. Make faith come alive.


Congregational staff, leaders, and key ministry volunteers can work with Marilyn as a ministry partner, charting the course in fulfilling God’s call to your congregation in mission. Learn to share the vision, connecting all to strive to implement God’s preferred future. Set achievable goals that build that future. Maintain focus. Stay accountable. Celebrate progress and accomplishments. This is the ministry partner you can’t afford to hire ... or to do without!


Marilyn is also available to write articles on faith-based topics and programs for congregations, church professionals, volunteers, and households. Want to get the word out? Marilyn can make it come alive. She has written for newspapers, journals, online resources, and other publications.

Marilyn Sharpe Ministries, LLC
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Marilyn Sharpe Ministries, LLC